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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves, Ga.

A new year

A view from my back porch…

The figgy pudding is all gone now just a memory as we plow toward our next mark. This years eggnog made a big splash as it warmed the old farm house. Another Christmas you say or maybe another chapter in our journey down life`s road. Which ever, the path always brings joy and for that I am very grateful. This old farm has seen many seasons come its way bringing with each a story all its own. As for the farmhouse the forty some years Lynn and I have been the caretakers it has stood grounded for our family to make memories that will last beyond my time. As I walk the floors the walls tell of times past each itching to carry on age old traditions that one day might be told to those who have not entered the world we live. All the more reason to take care of today so tomorrow can finstrength within the pride of ones history.
Each year we write another chapter telling more of our story. From the rising of the sun to the turning of futures soil we plow along by grace in one who has given all. From my back porch to yours don`t miss the best part
my friends………………..Dan

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