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A Squirrel Forecast

A view from my back porch…

  Well our summer garden has just about played out with little to nothing left. There are a few peppers hanging on in hopes that we will pull them before they fall. Its been a good summer for all things garden related. Now its time to move on into the next season of thinking. My mind has been on fall for weeks now. In fact just about the time the squirrels started to fill their winter pantry I started to think about cooler things as well as my regular slowing down for the year. With that said we still have more hay to cut as we fill the barn for a long winters night. Up to now its been a very productive year for us and the old homestead is ready to end summer and coast on into the final quarter before it all starts over again. As for those squirrels they know weather better than you think, so I`ll bank on their wisdom as nature moves closer in my thoughts…………………………………….Dan

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