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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves Station, Ga.

Come on In

A view from my back porch...

  Grab a hand full of firewood and pull up a chair. Its cold outside on the back porch that's why I`m in front of the fireplace this morning. Might just be that my chores will have to wait until the sun comes up high, and then some. With coffee on the stove, I`m off to a good start as I think about those colder days before I insulated the old farmhouse. Those times when water would freeze on the kitchen table overnight, yes sir we have we come a long way. I`m just saying things like that might not be common in this hurry up world today, but your family history sure did have similar things recorded within there pages of time. In a lot of ways we have it made today, yet some still complain for more. As for me, I`ll just keep things plain and simple drawing no attention to the modern for the old way of the past works fine among the tall woods of this ole hollow..........................................Dan

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