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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves Station, Ga.

Dew on the Ground

A view from my back porch...
As I rock along this morning waiting on the rest of the farm to awake from its restful sleep my mind ponders along days gone by. I for one have sung many songs over the years, walked many walks, worn at times more than one hat, but the old old story has more meaning now than when I first begun. Life has taken turns that in a blink of the eye the ole ox found the ditch all while the smallest of sparrows were being held within sight of the great creators eye. Today's journey is easier because of yesterdays walk for I know who holds my future. Just as the morning dew is still present on the vine the voice I hear calls me near so I walk along with total trust in my maker. What a day this will be because He lives.…..Dan

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