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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves Station, Ga.

Spring Air

A view from my back porch…

  Meanwhile on Old Mule Farms life moves along as fast as history is made. With blue sky's the last several days coupled with 70 degree temps it almost makes one jump instead of walk. Spring is in the air and I for one am welcoming it with a standing ovation. My mind has me thinking about all those winter thoughts of planting, fence fix`n, barn mending, just everyday life on the farm that lives within my veins. Work comes daily after I sit for a spell on the back porch of the old farmhouse. Here is where I find my inspiration for embracing the chore hurdles brought on by living a lifetime in one place. With hundreds of acres before me how can I not be inspired to work my best in a life where blessings have found home among my thoughts. So with the sun comes the thrill of enjoying the best before another night of peace ……………Dan

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