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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves, Ga.

When Contentment Comes

A view from my back porch…

  Early morning starts like most others around the old farm each day. There is a low fog hanging out over the east pasture clinging like a remnant left from yesterdays rain showers to a grateful farm in waiting. Summer marches forward at a faster pace than I walk at times, but sooner or latter I`ll try to catch up with it. The grindstone is oiled for a full day of adventure where work hastens us onward. There are fences to mend not to mention the flopping tin roof that awaits on the tractor shed. What a life we live one day at a time juggling between one thing to the next. Contentment comes at its best when one day runs into the next without even slowing down…………………………..Dan

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