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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves Station, Ga.

Winters Calm

A view from my back porch…

  The start to that laid back time of year is now upon us as cold rushes across the farm. Winters hay is under the shed with all fences in good shape. The old barn is repaired once more to stand the test of future times all while trying to maintain the rest of the farm. I`d say bring on winters cold so we can get on toward spring a little faster. Even that big ole moon that has been hanging around the last few days seems to be calling for a fast exist. I have stocked up on coffee, piled the firewood high, even polished the old wood heater. Once again the ole hollow calms from summers tasks to refuel with rest. Laying peaceful like clock work so our work rests as well. My mind is set on making it through another year, so come along...………………..Dan

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