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Old Mule Farms - Graves, Ga.

Blog posts October 2019

Late Night Homestead

A view from my back porch…
The last several nights have brought that seasonal awareness that our temperature is changing. The walls and halls of the old farmhouse slowly squeak creaking their way through the night as they have year after year. I don`t really know whose bones crackle or pop more m…

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Color Change

A view from my back porch…

  The old farm is taking on a different look as the season has finally started to change. Our weather has been much different up till now bringing somewhat of a slow start to the changing of colors. Before long a pallet of all known colors will find stance before turn…

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Rails of Sound

A view from my back porch…

  In the pre hours of early morning the sound of steel on steel crosses over the trestle bridge about a mile away. When conditions are all lined up one can hear as far as allowed and so our day starts with distant echos racing across the floor of this old hollow. A da…

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