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Thoughts from the Old Mule

Country Joy

A view from my back porch…

   With plow in hand I want to tell you that joy comes in many forms. We start our beginning spring garden by working up the soil. Turning under last year to reveal what this year has in store. The smells of fresh dirt, the warmer weather of early spring in the south just gives that feeling only found on the old farm. Joy is the next best thing to understanding life in the country……Dan

Longer Days

A view from my back porch…

  Our warmer days of late slowly lengthens in lighter skies giving time a run for its money. Missed by most this signals nature returning like a friend dropping by from that hibernating cycle recorded over time. I know we`re not turning over any one page yet, but a quick watch sure has indications of early written all over it. I haven`t checked the almanac, I just flow with the growing sounds of the old farm which usually yields sights that stand the test of a lifetime……………..Dan

Sausage Weather

A view from my back porch…

  It`s sausage making time on the old farm. The weather is crispy right, our hog meat is ready, and with enough pork fat to feed the county our future looks mighty good. Our tradition in sausage making is the right balance of meat to fat, a careful blend of an old family secret spice blend, and the slow patience of crafting perfection every time. With the aroma that fills the hollow I`m sure to have a traveling neighbor or two to just drop by. That’s why we always have scratch biscuits ready and slow cooked sausage warming on the old cook stove. Come on, stop by, and pull up a porch rocker with the old mule…..Dan

A Christmas Window

A view from my back porch…

   A thick icy frost lays upon just about every inch within sight outside the window of the old farmhouse. Just in time for the Christmas season which is embraced with heart and soul across the farm. This year brings with it a different feel, a different meaning, something that has never been found for our family, but just the same it brings a hope with it that encompasses the spirit of Christmas. The deep meaning to a short time frame is not easily grasped, yet what is time anyway where the ticking of one clock only sounds the starting of another. As with any season comes change so faithfully we push onward in spirit and in truth until such time we understand the meaning through the window we look…….Dan

Honor and Tradition

A view from my back porch…

  The weeks behind find us now on the steps of our traditional Thanksgiving. It`s that time of year that the old farm slows a bit with great anticipation for all things thankful. The abundant blessings that have propelled us another year also brings new challenges that draws us closer to the creator of them all. With family near our time is sure to find fulfillment and satisfaction among the playful spirit that such a season brings coupled together with an even deeper spirit of a thankful heart. It`s tradition to gather, but its honor that fuels the understanding that our time is a short stewardship among the now and the future on Old Mule Farms……………Dan

Take a Seat

A view from my back porch…

  With cows calving and hay stacked high the sounds of fall begins to turn to winter colors all around the old farm. The gentle crisp air that starts our mornings do find warmth as each day advances, but before long that to will turn as our cold season takes a seat on the old back porch. With an abundant stock of all things needed the farm begins to set back as it has for decades now in reverence to the created cycle that nature feeds upon. What inspiration can be found contained in what is seen just outside the last post on the back porch of the old farmhouse……………….Dan

Simmering Coals

A view from my back porch…

  Cooler mornings and nights find home once again here on the old farm. With the first of falling leaves time brings the beginning of years end closer towards winters mark. I think the farm has long awaited this season after the heat wave of summer, so lets enjoy as we simmer some slow cook`n dutch oven style over the outside coals. Might even begin an early slow down pace as work mellows among the shadows of changing days. There is nothing like it anywhere else than the homestead that surrounds you………..Dan

A Farmers Storehouse

A view from my back porch…

  The last of this year's hay is cut, rolled, and safely stored in the old barn for winters feed. This might be an age old chore, but one that speaks necessary within farm life. Not only do we have to provide for ourselves, the greater need is taking care of livestock as winter throws its best our way. Make`n it happen is just another day here on Old Mule Farms……………..Dan

A Taste of Fall

A view from my back porch…

  It looks like we might be in for a early fall this year, so time to get the garden worked up for some greens. You know greens and corn bread is a meal in and of itself. That sure is something the fast life misses out on, but I tell you here on the old farm what once was all that could be found become a tradition just as sound and solid as life itself. The taste of country is the taste of life…..Dan

Dwelling in Purity

A view from my back porch…

  Ground coffee rises out of the back kitchen as morning awakens here on the farm. Before long fried jowl will mingle it`s part bringing more country scents to the back porch of the old farmhouse. This old porch is where it all started years ago and where it still begins the best day since yesterday. Here is where my thoughts dwell and here is where each are cultivated. A mixture of memories with living history all destined to bring the fresh purity to those who care to stop by for a visit…………………………Dan

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