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Shaded in Time

A view from my back porch…
Yesterday I was working on top of a barn roof gazing out over old growth oaks draped with silver moss. Such sights were common here in the deep south, many gone with time, but never forgotten. Pondering on the shaded lane that winds through the massive oaks one could almost catch a glimpse of a buggy coming toward the big house bringing some important news for the rural south to consider. Might be news of an advancing army invading from the north making its way into Dixie, or news of some lighter more quieter nature. Either way, those sights and sounds still echo if only one will look in the right places.
For now, the news from up north is colder weather breathing down upon this place that I call home. With split wood and a good fireplace, time will stand still once more for these old eyes……………….Dan

Making Plans

A view from my back porch...

I was just sitting here think`n about last week. We took a little trip up to middle Georgia to place our order for this year's seed. There is nothing like an old seed company that has been around since 1922. It reminds me of why this old farm has been around so long. The simple truth is doing things the old way, using tried and true techniques, last but not lest planting good seed with a history of high germination. Once you couple in a good measure of sweat woven with long days, you get a yield of what hard work is all about. Our land nor our name has not been carved out through laziness. No sir I think that history will kindly record the efforts laid down by prideful attention to preserving what has been handed down as a blessing to each who call this place home. I have seen much over my years here on the farm, but the one diehard truth is all who put their hand to the plow around here have never walked away from this place. In fact, it becomes sweeter by the day and home to the faithful................................Dan

Come on In

A view from my back porch...

  Grab a hand full of firewood and pull up a chair. Its cold outside on the back porch that's why I`m in front of the fireplace this morning. Might just be that my chores will have to wait until the sun comes up high, and then some. With coffee on the stove, I`m off to a good start as I think about those colder days before I insulated the old farmhouse. Those times when water would freeze on the kitchen table overnight, yes sir we have we come a long way. I`m just saying things like that might not be common in this hurry up world today, but your family history sure did have similar things recorded within there pages of time. In a lot of ways we have it made today, yet some still complain for more. As for me, I`ll just keep things plain and simple drawing no attention to the modern for the old way of the past works fine among the tall woods of this ole hollow..........................................Dan

Evening on the Porch

A view from my back porch...

  It was sixty plus degress as we sat out on the old porch last evening. Good conversation as the coals made ready for our friday night fare was the order after a long week on the farm. We watched as a slow low fog moved across the east pasture. It became dense as it made its way over the barn, almost laying still just in reach if one wanted to try. The mositure was whitish in color creating a bright lighting efect aginst the darken sky. After a few minuits it was gone and so was the week we spent in pridful work bringing that satisfaction I enjoy for a job well done. Maybe time will grant a new week ahead and with it the strength to build more than a structure, but more memories to last another hundred years..........................................Dan

Closer By

 A view from my back porch...            The barn team journeyed back down to Florida last week to put our final touches on a horse barm we built from scratch last year. Working on it in three stages better fitting our client's schedule it's now laid to rest on our part as we move on to our next adventure. With that said the decision has been made to make some needed changes. At my age and both the boys having their own family obligations, our focus is to work closer to home bringing with it that slower pace that I personally enjoy, as well as more time to savor the old farm as I desire more each day.               Our barn calendar is full for months now all within a crows call of the old hollow which leaves more time for my back porch pondering. The rains have finally ended there relentless showers so maybe the farm can spring out of the boggy conditions we have had for weeks on end now. Our winter garden however, has soaked up every drop making what I call the green patch a feast to behold.                                                                                     This year is off to a good start and I for one am glad to be counted among the living as we live out life here at the old homestead where the farmhouse stands tall........................Dan

Foggy Start

A view from my back porch...

Its a foggy start to our morning as the sky awakes from its sleep. No doubt this is going to be a great day around the old farm. With coffee in hand I`m ready to climb any mountain that gets in my way, so wake up my friends and enjoy your day.........................Dan








Rain Anyone?

A view from my back porch…

  With our recent rains, the banks of wolf creek are a little swollen as it runs by the old farm. My ole hollow has been lying alongside this creek as long as water has been flowing in these parts bringing with it all that one could ask for on this earth. The calming sounds, drop after drop, babbling in journey constantly moving yet to the eye it leaves its mark as another takes its place. Slowly this water of life moves within reach bringing with it a breath of freshness. The land around it takes notice and so winter flows by latter to be replaced anew with early spring signs. Awake far one for today is the beginning of another day on the banks of wolf creek………………………Dan

A new year

A view from my back porch…

The figgy pudding is all gone now just a memory as we plow toward our next mark. This years eggnog made a big splash as it warmed the old farm house. Another Christmas you say or maybe another chapter in our journey down life`s road. Which ever, the path always brings joy and for that I am very grateful. This old farm has seen many seasons come its way bringing with each a story all its own. As for the farmhouse the forty some years Lynn and I have been the caretakers it has stood grounded for our family to make memories that will last beyond my time. As I walk the floors the walls tell of times past each itching to carry on age old traditions that one day might be told to those who have not entered the world we live. All the more reason to take care of today so tomorrow can finstrength within the pride of ones history.
Each year we write another chapter telling more of our story. From the rising of the sun to the turning of futures soil we plow along by grace in one who has given all. From my back porch to yours don`t miss the best part
my friends………………..Dan

Christmas in Dixie

A view from my back porch…

  With the spirit of this eve upon us, my mind goes back remembering how we have managed to keep simple as the driving force among the lighted bliss that surrounds this age old humble start. Sure our table is set, just as simple as it is on any other day. Lights you say, they to have been lite just as they always are to awake the halls of the old farmhouse. You see the presents we share come labeled a blessing, from above. Each wrapped special for the moment it is lovingly handed the contents always contain more than we ask. As for me and my house, we do not celebrate a season for the reason is upon us daily throughout the year. For most folks simple is just plain too simple. Around here it is the most we can hope for that yields the most in return………………………..Merry Christmas……. Dan


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