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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves Station, Ga.

Thoughts from the Old Mule

Thinking Ahead

A view from my back porch…

   Thoughts begin to emerge around the old farmhouse as we talk about this years spring garden. Now as winters garden draws closer our sights focus on what comes next. Necessity with need has always driven this farm so plans are important. Whether one considers it survival or not we have a rich history on Old Mule Farms where tradition is kept alive one plant at a time. Our direction is to enjoy not only the past, but everything that has made us who we are. One of the best ways of appreciating it all is with a fresh meal straight from the garden………..Dan 

Warming the Cold

A view from my back porch…

   It`s easy to sit by the old fireplace feeling its warmth watching the flickering flames. Whether early morning or late evening the shadows that make there way along the ceiling and walls of this log homestead continues to offer comfort on any cold day. Many blessings have walked by my old fireplace, and I know many blessings have come from hours spent watching closely to somewhat of a silent call from deep within the flames of life. Now from the embers that gather it`s easy to see the warmth of today is heading towards tomorrow right here on Old Mule Farms……..Dan

Life from the Past

A view from my back porch…

  Wintertime is forge time here at the old farm. Forging raw stock whether small or large with old school techniques makes things sing come spring. From repairs to forging out needed items we still carry on the old school blacksmith trade as part of who we are. Our passion here on old mule farms is keeping the past alive for what the future brings to us………Dan

Gifts Received

A view from my back porch...

  It`s Christmas time at the old farm. This time a year a warm fire fills the old farmhouse bringing a connection from the past to the present even though it is a common way with us. Our work continues but for now it is with a much more laid-back feeling. Family is humming all over the farm and that sense of a special spirit clings to most everything, even that age old tree that stands in the corner. Fresh backed treats are coming out of the oven where the aroma of wood cooking and spices makes up the best of the best. All awaits the day itself when giving is found among the gifts that we have received right here on Old Mule Farms..........Dan

Cold Days

A view from my back porch...

  Frost covers most of the farm this morning for the last day of this month. Tomorrow is also the last month of the year which brings my thoughts to a much slower pace as the old farm slowly crawls into deep sleep for the winter season. With firewood stacked high and enough hay stored in the barn there is no doubt that rest is in sight for us homesteaders to find our balance among the cold days in front of a warm fire. With most everything in place the peace of this season takes hold in more ways than one. Our grateful hearts are thankful for the journey of another year in South Georgia.......Dan


A view from my back porch…

  It`s overwintering time here on the old farm. I have been busy tucking and mulching in our spring onions for next year's harvest. Come early spring these fresh sights will find their way onto the table along with many other early vegetables. Around here we still grow most of what we need keeping alive the old traditions that make us who we are. Historical Old Mule Farms is a working- living farm that we are mighty proud of…….Dan

High Winds

A view from my back porch…

  Each year at this time when wind comes staying high in the tree tops it brings us the first of colder temperatures. That was the early sounds of yesterday echoing through the south hollow beside the old farmhouse. Today we awake to a snappy crisp morning here on the farm. With coffee hot right off the stove our morning begins with a warmer focus as we get our chores done the old mule way……Dan

Gathering Firewood

A view from my back porch…

  Our weather temperatures are changing here on the old farm. It's not yet cold enough to start building fires, but cool enough to spend a day or two gathering firewood. With a good stack of wood on the side porch when time comes is just a small sum of what we have stacked up out in the barn bin. You never know how winter will go, so keeping up a good supply is just another part of farm life. We look forward in ways to those flickering flames that dance at night on the old farmhouse walls. They are much an old friend as anything else right here on Old Mule Farms…..Dan

Calm Appearance

A view from my back porch…

  The last hay for the year is stored away in the barn ready to feed hungry farm animals as the advancing season heads this way. With a little more summer to go fall makes a few appearances subtle I might add, but shortly the horizon will change bringing that much needed breath of freshness to the old farm. My how our seasons have changed over time, yet they still bring awareness that calm is held in the hand of its creator………..Dan

The Last Gate

A view from my back porch…

  With a calm and gentle start this day is sure to emerge into a normal day across the old farm. As I look just past the last gate south a new pasture sets against the horizon for tomorrow leading today closer with each step. Chores will get done through out today with routine second nature leading the way. The chickens will get feed, the cows will be checked on, then new with old work will take hold making time either tick slowly or fast before days end. With many blessings counted and many overlooked among the everyday challenges we face the outcome is sure to sum up what normal is on Old Mule farms……Dan

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