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All Fenced In

A view from my back porch…

  Our summer heat is pressing downward as the land grows further in time bringing fond memories of last winter with it. For now our days are  filled with opportunities ready to be marched on and conquered. Each rug on the ladder is either a uphill climb or a descending step leading us along our daily path. I think a slower pace finds more comfort with just as many accomplishments if not more. So for the hurried world beyond the fence of this old place my eyes are focused in first gear moving steadily along this happy trail called life……………………………………Dan

The Right Direction

A view from my back porch…

  As I reflect back over this week I`m satisfied that the ole farm is steadily moving forward paced comfortably for the old mule. Although busy, advancement can be seen just about any where you look. Just think we even have today to go and by the time you add that into the equation who knows what accomplishments can be had. The point is a good week is all one can ask for. To have a good week you have to earn it. Make sure you have a positive attitude, don`t look for something wrong, quit being negative about everything, do your work and not someone else`s, and be thankful to be alive. Sure there is more that can be added to this, but I think one has to grasp these basics things to start with. So the question is what have we earned? For me I`m happy, for others, well what is earned is the wage that fits their achievement best. I say things are good here at the old farmhouse as we work on for the night is coming……………………………….Dan

A Quiet Days Work

A view from my back porch…

  I`m trying to be a little quieter this morning as I scuffle around in the dark. We have one of our grand daughters staying with us a few days enjoying the old farmhouse along with how life is on this side of the farm. Even in the quietness I can still hear past generations scurrying around to start their day before each would head out into the fields making marks in the dirt of time. Each with a chore of their own to achieve, all done in somewhat of a symphony orchestrated method that worked day in and day out. Kinda makes one wonder what happened over the years bringing with it a false mentality that people don`t have to work anymore or the notion that its someone else s responsibility to get the work done. For me pride steps forward motivated by a clear conscience that energizes my awareness of why I`m here. I have a responsibly to always be the best that I can be. To pull my weight in this modern day world filled with drama which I will add is not allowed on this homestead. Our for fathers made sacrifices and so we must to keep the balance necessary to drive onward. My hope is that all of my grand children will grow to understand this value. Its nice to have a quiet moment that speaks volumes. Remember books are great tools, but nothing can ever take the place of hands on determination in a good ole honest days work………………………..Dan

Summer Garden Patch

A view from my back porch…

  Peas and corn are up here on the farm, just like all of our other vegetables and right now everything is looking good. I tell you there has been a garden here at the old farm house as long as I can remember. We still consider it a valued part of our everyday life. Our forefathers depended on what they grew so we honor that tradition with pleasure. Not to mention the difference in taste along with the freshness of a mess of hand picked goodies. Our life here is good in about as many ways as one can shake a stick at. In fact it gets better with age as the years unlock more rich traditions from the past. I say grab a pale and get pick`n for some of the best life has to offer……………………………………Dan

Hay Fields and More

A view from my back porch…

  Good morning to all as the day starts with strong coffee for breaking in today's task. The boys and I have been rolling hay the last several mornings, with acres more to cover over the next several hours. You know rewards come in many ways and in our chase when they are all rolled up don`t nothing look any better. I can remember many years ago when we baled hay one square at a time. Not to mention the task of hand loading each onto a old wagon pulled behind a hand tossed truckload running lick-a-dee split loaded to the barn, just about as fast as we headed back out for more. Now everything is bigger, better, but I tell you as you thought I was gonna say faster, ain`t nothing fast, but that's alright when determination in a job well done far out weighs the clock anyway.

  As we rake and roll thoughts for the future, I`ll rest in memories of old one roll of hay at a time. See ya back at the barn………………..Dan

The Old Smokehouse

A view from my back porch…

  I have the old farm smelling mighty good this morning. Have the smokehouse full of pork bringing that fragrance I enjoy so much. Throughout the years smoke has filled just about every inch of this place at one time or another. Once a main source for the early people, now its the pleasure of all pleasures. This simple life that found me a lifetime back moves by a little faster it seems these days, but as always through the slowness of today it stands still in time just like this land itself. That is why I prefer to keep things just like they are. Keeping those smoky hints from the past as a reminder of all things good and pure. Even a hard day of work echoes a friendly memory of survival making the rich even richer. I leave you this morning with these words, the pursuit of the future can never duplicate what already has been laid down, so let us stand among the smoke and enjoy the fragrance of it all……………………………………Dan

Coal - Smoke - Rails

A view from my back porch…

  When train travel was once a main part of our society its hard to remember those times among the speeding cars out on the roadways of this land today. Although I sat and pondered the sounds of locomotives pulling into the train depot thinking of passengers getting on and off moving slowly along the rails of the south. It was like I could still smell a faint coal fire in the annuals of time among the modern day grind of what now might be considered a sleepy little town. Yesterday I found myself at the old depot in Shellman, Ga. Where I`m sure was once a busy place. Even the remnants of freight such as grains were loaded and unloaded making this town a hub for local trade yielding its part to the economy for a unknown duration of time before the mechanized machines of a distant world would take away the grand prize of this south Georgia town. I suppose even us will one day be replaced by yet another in some shape or form lending its on good or bad to daily sights in towns all over America. For now my mind will stay as long as I can make it along side the tracks of yesterday where I find the most joy for living in today………..Dan

Dew on the Ground

A view from my back porch...
As I rock along this morning waiting on the rest of the farm to awake from its restful sleep my mind ponders along days gone by. I for one have sung many songs over the years, walked many walks, worn at times more than one hat, but the old old story has more meaning now than when I first begun. Life has taken turns that in a blink of the eye the ole ox found the ditch all while the smallest of sparrows were being held within sight of the great creators eye. Today's journey is easier because of yesterdays walk for I know who holds my future. Just as the morning dew is still present on the vine the voice I hear calls me near so I walk along with total trust in my maker. What a day this will be because He lives.…..Dan

Bird house Time

A view from my back porch…

  I tell you these last several days we have had have been great with the warmer weather. It has even made it up into the 80`s with sun as bright as you could ask for. With a little down time lately I have been out in the barn making some new bird houses. Many we have had around the farm have seen better days, so I figure its time to give my feathered friends something to brighten there day as well. The season is changing around here bringing with it a renewed spirit of sorts.

  Even my view on things change this time of year. I have that go and concur all mindset, lets hope it continues for a long time to come. Right now I invite you to so come along as we live life here at the old homestead………………………..Dan

Fenced In

A view from my back porch...

Some of the simple joys in life come from helping others when there is something to be done. Maybe a leaky pipe, a roof repair, or just a simple fetch for something. Then you have the times that a kind word brings joy as does those encouraging words at the right moment. What ever it is simple is best in this world of hatred where others miss the mark by a mile never understanding the value of life in general. I think these moments through life are far more important, in fact I`d rather the world stop just to make them happen. You never know what you can find or who can be reached in simplicity itself, especially when we all live on the same planet. Farm life brings only the best out in people. Others are destined to abide in a town setting where country remains fenced for those who live life...………………….Dan

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