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Thoughts from the Old Mule

Honest Work

A view from my back porch…

  As our winter months head into the new year the one constant is there is always work to get at. Farm life ends for no reason so we press on in grand fashion as life intends. The rewards from my work has value in ways that most will never understand. So how could I let one day pass by without earning my keep. The way to move forward and keep things going is to work. No handouts on this land. The only thing I expect is to enjoy the chores before me in the greatest life on this side of wolf creek. I say the sun of what one receives can only be restful after a good honest days work…………………………………………Dan

Slowly Flowing By

A view from my back porch…

  With some scattered rains lately the banks of wolf creek still runs by the old farm. My ole hollow has been lying alongside  this creek as long as water has been flowing in these parts bringing with it all that one could ask for on this earth. The calming sounds, drop after drop, babbling in journey constantly moving yet to the eye it leaves its mark as another takes its place. Slowly this water of life moves within reach bringing with it a breath of freshness. The land around it takes notice and so winter continues to flow by where latter it will be replaced anew with a new sign. Awake far one for today is the beginning of another day on the banks of wolf creek....Dan


A view from my back porch…

  Before we say goodbye to 2020 it has me thinking about how thankful we are for all who have been apart of such a tremendous year. Our farm has prospered as well as adding more historic preservation to its growing history. Our work slowed none, in fact it increased many times over where even as we enter a new year in a few days we find that most of it is already taken in our schedule. The pace we set today is a steadfast momentum that is sure to fill time found on any clock. The difference around the farm here is our slower walk ensures a great balance where time stands still and history lives on. So now we mark the course we are on heading toward the next great chapter in a old mules life……………………………………..Dan

Life on the Farm

A view from my back porch…

  Old Mule Farms has seen a lot of seasons come and go. Each carrying a spirit of its own. It reminds me of the old country church where for years it stood standing as a beacon among darkened days. Such a spirit resonated through its doors as people gathered with purpose. Faithful acknowledgement of the age old event that leads still today was a mainstay for many. Time has now mustard itself within empty halls filled with a kind of lifeless spirit. My farm keeps quiet about nothing because on this day life was born that gave life to all that has found shelter within this place we call home…………………………Dan

A Sweet Christmas Treat

A view from my back porch…

  The old farmhouse finds life in the simplest of things even when beyond the fences of the farm life seems to spiral in chaos. Call it roasting or call it baking it don`t make much difference to me. When you wrap up farm grown sweet potatoes in tinfoil then gently lay them along side of hot coals on the hearth, country smells will dwell through out the house like nothing else. Putting them on to cook early surely takes the length of day to get that satisfying taste that is as old as the dirt they are grown in. From the simplest of our rooted friends to the ease of carefree cooking, It don`t get any better on this side of fence………………..Dan

A Warm Glow

A view from my back porch…

  Going back a few years ago out in the kitchen of my old farm house hung the only electric light in the house. It was a cotton insulated wire dropped down from the center of the ceiling ending with a socket holding a glass light bulb in the end of it. We have somehow kept that tradition through the years of dimly lighting our way around this place. I say whats wrong with the flickering flame of a oil lantern as the evening finds you faithfully watching shadows dancing on the walls. Or even the glow from a good hearth fire just right to warm and soothe the cold from winters day.

 For now as Christmas gets closer our light will burn as it has for a lifetime now in this house that we call home. Modern day pioneers living where time stands still. Enjoying the spirit of the past as it meets today right here on Old Mule Farms………………………..Dan

Thankful Signs

A view from my back porch…

  The old farm house takes on the signs of seasonal thanksgiving even though the spirit of thanks is present within us daily. Some of my fondest memories are woven around this time of year where the old farm makes for the greatest backdrop anyone could ask for. Roast turkey scents the weathered house that we have called home for a lifetime now mingled with baked goods that is sure to make any season more traditional than historical. My thoughts take on new meaning each year as our family changes shifting among extended to those of a more hum bug character, but in it all my focus remains steady. The greatest blessings are seen each day and come full circle as my homestead finds its place among the timing of it all……………………………………Dan 

Hide from the Cold

A view from my back porch…

  There`s a sharp snap across the farm this morning so I recon winter is making its move to get some what closer. Right now I`d say things are purty lively on the farm as we get started, but its November and should be a little cooler. Our work has had us splitting seasoned wood where stacking it deep is just the way we do it on Old Mule Farms. We use fire wood year round for cooking, but the old fireplace will find us drawing near as the cold drives us inside if nothing else but to warm up a bit. Come to think of it I`ll just sit in front of it now as another day finds me even when I try to hide………………………………..Dan

Shine On

A view from my back porch…

  Steady rains cross the old farm bringing us from one day into the next as we journey onward. Just as the old farm drinks to soothe the parchment of the season, I sit with coffee in hand patiently waiting a new day to take shape. We move from harvest time in this revolving cycle called life into the ending months of another great year. Each of us have been given much, so as we receive another measured blessing the brightness of today might just out shine the best days of tomorrow…………………………Dan

Harvest of Dust

A view from my back porch…

  Just like that harvest time rolls through the old farm bringing it closer to this years close. That time where  dust brings the scents of dug peanuts through the air. Cotton is ready to pick and hay is being cut in grand fashion. Maybe it really isn`t a end to harvest seeing how there are great things to come as time marches on. I think these things clearly shows that rising early taking a stand just moves us closer to our dream. What a year with all things considered which makes us stronger for the challenges that come around the bend just ahead………………..Dan 

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