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Thoughts from the Old Mule

Fall Nights

A view from my back porch…

  Our cooler mornings have my sights set on evening fires burning in the fire place bringing that comfort warmth only it can. Decades have found us doing just that here in the old farmhouse where the charm of it all still carries the day even in memories past. I tell you to count the memories made around our fireplace would be to open each page of a lifetime finding more than expecting on each line. Many times I warm myself in the days that have passed long before I strike the first match on another fall night here on Old Mule Farms…......Dan

Get`n It Done

A view from my back porch…

  This month is sure to have me fiddling with one thing then another. That`s about right as we dive into October making ruts along our fall garden patch, stacking firewood high and dry, did I mention cutting hay again before years end. I have several ode jobs to get at before the weather starts to change so there is  not much time to waste. It`s not much different is it than any other week. That`s just the way we do it here on Old Mule Farms. Work is life and life is lived where all is abundantly blessed within the fences of this place we call home……….……………..….Dan

Passing Days

A view from my back porch…

  I tell you these somewhat cooler mornings we are having sure start any day off nicely. In fact they start my mind thinking about how the year winds toward the shortening of days, warmer meals, and winter nights in front of the fire. I know we still have some hot days before all of that, but it don`t hurt to begin sorting through mindfully speaking what constitutes the best time of year second only to springtime. It also energizes that youthful spirit within normally by now swallowed up in working sweat ready to be unleashed to that slower paced work that the old farm ends its year on.

  So I rock on the old porch to passing of seasons with a renewed mindset focused on a familiar road as my journey continues onward for another day………………………………..Dan

Weather or Not

A view from my back porch…

  It`s that time again. The first sighting of this years woolly worm has made its way to the old farm. As always my ancestral weather indicator clicked in like it has for decades now. Ole woolly had a very wide rusty brown band of color around its back. The old folks use to say, the wider the brown section the milder our winter will be. So coming from such a reliable source I`m going to hold off splitting the rest of my fire wood. Shoot it might even be so mild that old man winter just passes right on by. Either way the proof is usually in the color…………………...Dan

A Fresh Start

A view from my back porch…

  Another day starts at the old farm house much as it has for a lifetime now. Fresh coffee brews on the stove while bacon fries to perfection. A pan of scratch biscuits with fresh butter awaits fig preserves. It`s the simple things that find recognition in everyday life so for here it marks a days beginning in grand style. I ask for nothing else because this is simply how we do it on Old Mule Farms…………………….Dan

Dusty Rain

A view from my back porch…

  It`s early morning on the farm as I sit here drinking my coffee counting the miles that have been trod over the fields of time. Kicking up dust as drought comes with summers heat about equals the muddy fields which comes with early spring rains. This cycle seems to be a friend to us on the farm where we make the most of it year after year.

  I gratefully count the miles embracing the next one with a friendly smile as the dirt road of now leads over the next hill of tomorrow……………….Dan

Good Eating

A view from my back porch…

  Its canning time on the old farm. You know putting the best up to be pulled out on a cold winters day or at that right moment to feast upon. From pickled vegetables to jams and preserves. You might say what ever can be stored we normally get with it. A well stocked pantry and cellar has been a mainstay for us over the years.  

 Nothing will ever take the place of fresh clean good eating like we have been doing for a very long time here on the farm………………………Dan

Pasture Time

A view from my back porch…

  Our young calves are growing daily as we move them from pasture to pasture. Destined to make the farm heard bigger over time bringing with it that needed part as all things must pull its own weight. The balance of one thing then another makes everything as a whole work as it has for decades now. The pleasure is found bridging one pasture with another……………………Dan

Memorial Freedom

A view from my back porch…

   With wicks trimmed and burning our flags are waving in remembrance as they do each day here on the farm. This place wouldn`t be here or what it is today with out the sacrifice of those who gave all to secure it and all freedoms that cross the country side of America. From battle scares to modern scares we have survived the bitter and there is know doubt we will rise as the south has time again. I raise my sights this morning to remember on this memorial day the reasons that the past is still alive among the fertile fields called Old Mule Farms………………….Dan

Our Strength

A view from my back porch…

  Our spring garden has provided us with lots of vegetables early this year with more to come. As always there is no shortage from the ground to the table and for that we are most grateful. A well stocked pantry satisfies any needs here on the farm rounded out with choice smoked meats. Our daily strength might come from a home cooked meal, then again the greatest strength me have comes from the one who makes it all possible…………..Dan

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