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The Old Mule

Old Mule Farms - Graves Station, Ga.

Fenced In

A view from my back porch...

Some of the simple joys in life come from helping others when there is something to be done. Maybe a leaky pipe, a roof repair, or just a simple fetch for something. Then you have the times that a kind word brings joy as does those encouraging words at the right moment. What ever it is simple is best in this world of hatred where others miss the mark by a mile never understanding the value of life in general. I think these moments through life are far more important, in fact I`d rather the world stop just to make them happen. You never know what you can find or who can be reached in simplicity itself, especially when we all live on the same planet. Farm life brings only the best out in people. Others are destined to abide in a town setting where country remains fenced for those who live life...………………….Dan

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